The life cycle of any product begins with engineering and design work. The quality and casting itself depend on the competent engineering development. The highly qualified technologists and designers working at our plant are able to reduce the probability of error occurrence and omissions to the minimum and the application of CAD systems such as Pro/Engineer facilities productivity reduces. 

Examination of the order  takes 3-7 days at JSC "Mtsensk Foundry", everything depends upon the complexity of the casting. 

After the tooling has been designed there time comes to manufacture.

The production potentials of  our tool shop enable us to make: 
- dies of any complexity for pressure die casting; 
- blanking dies for flash removal; 
- gravity die tooling, pattern and core tooling; 
- machine tools, check devices and tools. 

DECKEL (Germany), MINEKO (Japan) machining centers as well as SODICK (Japan) machinihng and spark - erosion equipment of the latest generation can quickly produce complex pattern surfaces, pressure and gravity dies with high accuracy.

The application of the latest computer software to support production technology ensures the highest degree of conformance between the designed model and the manufactured product. To  increase hardness, heat-, erosion-and wear-resistance different methods and strengthening are widely used, including heat treatment of tool steels in vacuum furnaces of DEGUSSA (Germany). The final and interoperation quality control of tool production is performed on special checking and measuring equipment. With flexible and efficient tool production equipment we manufacture every kind of technological tooling of any complexity within a reasonable time. It is confirmed by numerous orders placed with us by large domestic as well as foreign companies. We work hard to reduce tooling production time and cost constantly devising new ways to improve its durability.