Cast iron - the material which is more fragile and less tensile than steel. However, a real artistic and architectural masterpieces can cast from this rough material. These metal works are organically combined with stone, wood and other finishing materials, perfectly complement the interior, giving it a unique look and style. 
Increasingly greater attention gets new tendency - production of metal works of art casting. There is a mastering of new products and is planned further development of production in the following segments: 
- Elements of urban design and landscape architecture (gates, fences; sidewalk, lawn, bridge barriers; lamp posts and parking; fountains and sculptures); 
- Metal works used in the building of private stately home and in construction of cottages and villas (gates, fences, balcony barriers, window grate, iron awning, fireplaces, stair railing); 
- Metal works of mass production (facade decoration, summerhouses, tables, benches, urns, barbecues, statues, iron blocks). 
Available equipment and experience of our specialists afford to produce high-quality products which meet the most demanding customer requirements. 
Refer to JSC Mtsensk Foundry, and we will incarnate a vision in iron and find a suitable solution for you cooperation. 

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