Our company was founded as a branch of the leading truck maker "ZIL". The history of the plant has began since 1965 when the experimental area run in new  tooling shop, where the first aluminum hand brake shoe was casted for the ZIL-130 . From this experimental area Mtsensk Foundry (MZAL) began working. The plant provided with aluminium casting Moscow Factory named after Lihachev (ZIL). 

Gravity die casting area put into operation at MZAL. 

In five years after the run of the plant the construction of shops and buildings was began . It was necessary to increase the factory load. Modern equipment was bought, production lines were assembled. Electric mixers were replaced by 25-ton gas reverberatory furnaces in the gravity die casting shop . Gravity die casting machines of Italian firm FATA as well as new machines of homemade were purchased and installed. To create diverse cavities in the castings Japanese (NANIVA) core-making machine was used. A complete reconstruction of production was carried out in thermo fettling shop. As a result, the production output exceeded the provided project for more than 5,000 tons of castings per year. 

Put into operation machining shop, which was originally made for all types of brake shoes. Production output of cylinder head for truck ZIL 130, 375  with an annual production of 240 thousand pcs. took place.The production of piston sets was about 200 thousand sets per year at that time. MZAL supplied spare parts for trucks ZIL across the Soviet Union in the late seventies In the early eighties the plant started export delivery of products to India, China, Mongolia, etc. 

Put into operation the die casting shop with output up to 25 thousand tons of aluminum castings per year. 

Put into operation cast iron shop with an annual production of iron castings up to 35 thousand tons . The shop started casting of raw bush for a truck engine ZIL-130. The construction of factory area lasted: put into operation engineering shop, where  non-standard equipment and packaging were produced. 

MZAL was the township - forming enterprise in Mtsensk. In parallel with its industrial activity was carried out the large house building and community services. 

Put into operation shop for production of consumer goods, which gave products to the public at 24 million rubles per year. 

MZAL was one of the leading truck maker " ZIL", which employ 11 500 people. The output reached over 100 thousand tons of non-ferrous and cast iron per year. 

1/12/2000 MZAL transformed into JSC Mtsensk Foundry. It was a private enterprise specializing in production of aluminum and iron castings for the automobile industry, casting for Ministry of Railways, spare parts for pneumatics and lighting equipment. 

2003 -2004 years. 
Put into operation SODICK (Japan) machining center (model 450MS) and spark-erosion equipment (model AQ55L). This equipment allows quickly and accurately perform complex form-building parts of dies, gravity die tooling and patterns by CNC connection with the PC. 

Put into operation  high-molding machine DISA 230A (Denmark), which not only provides a high accuracy of the castings, but also significantly reduce the production cycle to a minimum. The opportunity to put minimum allowances in the casting  reduces  machining time and costs for machined parts. 

Put into operation "Tebova" moulding machine TSC-630, which ensures the production of high precision die casting parts from 50 grams to 4 kg.