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Пять десятитонных печей «Индуктотерм» (Англия, 2013 г.), АФЛ «DISA - 2013», «DISA - 230» (Дания, 2007г.) žАФЛ «Belloi&Romagnoli» (Италия, 2013 г) СМ «NANIVA», «PRIMOFOND» (Италия, 2013г.) žОДК «STEM»(Словения, 2013г.),
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электроэрозионно - координатно-прошивочные станки SODIK AG-60L, SODIK АQ-55L (Япония, 2012г.) žфрезерно - вертикальные обрабатывающие центры FINETECH SMV-850-2LB (Тайвань, 2012 г.), SODIK 450МС(Япония, 2005г.), žфрезерное для обработки центров ТС-215

We have something to offer!


Our company works at the market of casting goods for automobile production for more than 40 years.

Business strategy of JSC Mtsensk Foundry lies in rendering of services of business and individuals on casting of different types from irons with further machining

High technology production of Mtsensk Foundry is well organized. Cast-iron shop equipped with modern equipment for production and machining of casting. Foundry manufacture of the company is organized in two shops: non-ferrous and iron castings. Machine-assembly shop carries out machining of casting, assembly, set up to finished parts. The own tools department produces and repairs dies, moulds, fixing devices, cutting tools, gaging fixture and other tools.

Annual casting production capacity from irons is 35 000 tn. The total quantity of employees at the company is about 1745 . The plant has all necessary facilities to produce high quality castings for various types of industries: components for automobile production, casting for Ministry of Railways (Anchor), casting for machine industry (pneumatic components, drums and fittings), casting for industrial lighting fixture and so on.

The main sales markets where JSC Mtsensk Foundry occupies the leading position are the following fixing of railways (Anchor) and machining

The plant develops various directions for access to world-wide market of casting goods from irons. JSC Mtsensk Foundry makes delivery of production more than 50 Russian companies, the CIS and abroad.


The main competitive advantages of JSC "Mtsensk Foundry" are: 
# Strong market position on the market of casting goods 
# Gain long-term experience on the market of casting goods 
# Convenient location of the company on business-customers 
# The complete cycle of production of casting goods including design work and tooling manufacture, 
 casting from cast irons
# High quality of casting production 
# The highly qualified specialists with a wide experience in the foundry. 
# The existence of large well-known customers, such as RZD (Russian Railways).